every business needs to evolve

People doing things differently is the most important part of any change.

Constant change in a business can affect your health and wellbeing. 

We deliver change in a positive way for teams and leaders so that people and businesses can truly evolve.

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We believe in equal partnership, working together to achieve your project goals.

Wildfire helps you to transform your business, through your people.

Constant change in a business can affect your health and wellbeing. Our vision is to help life at work become happier and healthier for every person we work with.

Our purpose is to deliver change in a positive way for teams and leaders so that people and businesses can truly evolve. 

We work with you (not at you) to create the right project approach, and whilst we’re doing this, you get to meet (and try out) your Wildfire team before we’ve even started the work!

We are straight-talking, honest and transparent. We have standard rates, to be fair to everyone.

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Define the problem

In our free 90-min Spark Workshop, Wildfire will guide you through a set of simple steps to understand your business goals and challenge.


Design the project

Our unique approach involves Wildfire members working with you to define the scope of your project. Experience your expert team in action before you buy.


Make it happen

We are all action-oriented and focus on relationships, experience and outcomes. A quality assurance service is performed on all projects.

Why Us?

Consulting and industry experience

Wildfire members are a trusted community of experts with years of top-tier consulting and industry experience. We do not advertise to recruit our members.

Navigating change is not a simple task. It requires a deep understanding of people, behaviours, effective engagement and strategic interventions during change.

At Wildfire, we are transformation and change management experts who specialise in guiding and supporting businesses through complex transformations.


We care about purpose, not just profit. No one at Wildfire has a sales target, because we know that can drive untrustworthy behaviours. 

Working with external partners should be a good experience that creates value for your business. 

Wildfire members and the business leaders we work with are motivated by doing the right thing for everyone. Being values-led, we care about relationships, experience and making a difference, quickly.


When you choose Wildfire, you become part of our vibrant community dedicated to creating positive change.

We collaborate, share knowledge, and keep learning to create a supportive ecosystem for individuals and leaders on their change journeys.

We donate 1% of gross profit to The Brilliant Club from every project we deliver.

Wildfire has LGBTBE® certification and is a champion for supplier diversity.


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Want to Explore how Wildfire can help you?

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